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'A Halloween Stroll' is a simple game about an orange witch going out to trick-or-treat. This is my first attempt at a game, so there isn't much gameplay or plot. Originally this was for the My First Gam Jam, but a severe coding error prevented me from submitting this for the Game Jam. Nevertheless, it would've been a waste to stop there, so I managed to make this something playable.

(Play time: 15 minutes max)

Thank you so much to all the mentors and Jam participants who helped me through this 2-week journey. :)


Arrow keys to move

'Z' to go through dialogue

holding 'Z' would speed up typing text

'Z' to interact with doors and the occasional bowl

(may need to press 'Up' key and 'Z' at the same time to successfully interact)

Install instructions

1. download .exe file.

2. click to open game.


A Halloween Stroll.exe 2 MB

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